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Graduate Women at MIT is a student-led organization dedicated to the personal and professional development of women graduate students at MIT. As a subcommittee of the Graduate Student Council, we provide a unified voice for MIT’s graduate women. All members of MIT are welcome to become GWAMIT members and attend our events!

Graduate Women at MIT has won several student life awards:

    • MIT Change Maker Award, 2018 for our work to combat sexual misconduct.
    • Honored at the MIT Graduate Women of Excellence ceremonies in 2013, 2015, and 2017.
    • Golden Beaver Award (MIT Student Leader Award) 2010-2011 for our impact on MIT student life.
    • William L. Stewart, Jr. Award (MIT Institute Award) 2010-2011 for contributions to the MIT community.
    • Strength and Conviction Award (MIT Institute Award) 2009-2010 for overcoming longstanding challenges at MIT.